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Testimonial - Dictionary Series“After years of self exploration, I intuitively came to the realization that through hypnosis one could access areas of self discovery and growth that often fall just short of the conscious mind. I decided that I would give hypnosis an open minded and open ended try. It then took me another year to find the right hypnotherapist for myself. But when I discovered Willow, I followed my intuition still further and found that she was indeed the right guide for me. My hypnosis session was a wondrous experience. It brought me to the core of my being in a simple and direct way.  I was able to face my own blind spot through direct experience. This encounter, through open hearted emotion, helped me to feel the aspects of myself which I could not rationally comprehend. The simple act of re-experiencing that which I could not logically fathom helped me to diffuse its confusion and strain upon my being. I felt as though a magnet which had had power over me and attracted still more miniscule strains into its bundling self had been diffused. I felt as though the whole bundle and its source had fallen from myself and made me lighter.

I thank Willow for helping me to remind myself lovingly to take deep breaths while I continue the journey upon the great path to self.”



“Willow Sibert has been my mentor for almost four years.  She has gently guided and supported me in my business.  At every step she gave me tools and taught me to “attract” what I wanted.  All of this was through her unique teaching and coaching.

Then about a year ago I called to make an appointment for a hypnotherapy session.  I honestly shared that I did not think I believed in hypnosis, but that I was tired of a chronic cough I had suffered for thirty plus years.  Could she help me?  After just two sessions the cough is gone!.  My family can hardly believe it.
Thank you Willow.  Let people know that it is never too late to become healthy and whole.”
In caring, Joy Golliver
Touched By Joy

“Willow came into my life at a perfect time. I was struggling with personal and business issues. I was having trouble finding balance between my work and finding time for fun. Willow was immediately able to recognize the areas where I needed to focus. Her coaching style is very supportive and she kept me on track.Willow has helped me develop some healthy habits and has offered some powerful exercises to help me shift out of my old patterns. My business projects are moving forward, and I am in a much better place emotionally and spiritually.”

Madalyn Ward, DVM, Austin, TX
“At a time when I was spiraling down in fear and losing my way, I asked Spirit to guide me to someone who could remind me of the truth of who I am and my purpose here. I was literally guided to Willow’s website and I knew before even talking to her that her soul was connected to mine. Willow is a shining light that radiates out even through the phone. She emanates love, sincerity, integrity, and is fully present.
When I speak with her, I feel as if I freely shed all outside defenses and stand naked before her. She sees the TRUE ME and reminds me of how special and beautiful I AM. She has been my lifeline leading me back home to myself. I am so grateful to have Willow in my life.”


Barbara Spencer
Coach and Therapist, Fort Collins, CO

“I started working with Willow to gain clarity on work, relationship, and life choices. What I appreciated most about Willow was her vast experience in the corporate, spiritual, and coaching arenas. It was a perfect mix for me. Given that the changes I was making were dynamic, I loved that Willow is both grounded and a spiritual visionary. I really felt that she wanted me to have the world, just as I want that for myself. Her suggestions are gifts that stay with me everyday.”

Beth P.
Marketing, Missoula, MT

“When I have too much going on in my head or feel stumped by my life, I go sit with Willow. By answering just one of my questions, this wonderful ‘vibration’ can give me a finer focus on the things I need to focus on, and the ability to cut through my own confusion. I finally have an unconditionally loving mentor. I trust this! Thank you, Willow, for sharing this rare gift with us.”

Kate A.
MA, Urban Forager, Denver, CO

“Because of Willow, I am now fully engaged in who I am in the business world…I now know I can contribute to the well-being of the planet, be successful in my business, and become more and more of who I am every day.”

Lynette Brannon
Business owner, Austin, TX

“I respect Willow’s ability to synthesize, organize and deliver complex information effectively. She’s a gifted teacher with a unique ability to bridge between worlds — grounded both in the business world, and in the world of spirit.”

Sandy Hogan, PCC
Certified Integral Life Coach

“Willow is a true info entrepreneur – she can get practical information for business from the intuitive realm and bring it into focus in the real world.”

Tucson, AZ

“I have always enjoyed the seminars given by Willow-they are educational and I enjoy the wealth of information I receive following. I find that I can apply this newfound resource in my personal and professional life!! I highly recommend this workshop for all ages. Easy to understand and fun!”

Karen Shriver 
Patient Relations Liaison 
Patient Pathways by DaVita 

“I just completed the workshop “Using the Law of Attraction to Manifest Clients” and am reminded again of the importance in being clear about the desired intention. Again and again I come back to that, and your 5 step process reminds me how valuable the “process Improvement” step is in learning and taking the next steps to increase my desired outcome.  Your teaching style is relaxed and you demonstrate love for your subject matter and your dedicated learners.”


Deborah Knox
Owner, Life Work Transitions

“My experience from Willow’s workshop was very positive, and comfortable.  What I learned was to thank the universe for everything I have.  Willow taught me to Ask, Believe, and Receive and to surround myself with positive people, and positive attitude.  I also learned to never have doubt, Also put out my intention and expect it to happen.  I’m going to be putting Willow’s teaching’s into action by using them on a daily basis.

I liked the class because it was very uplifting and positive, all I  felt was positive energy in the room.  I think Willow taught the class very well. It was very clear at least for me.  I would definitely recommend this class to people. Its a very positive learning experience and it also opens up your outlook on a lot of things.  I wanted to say again thank you again Willow.”

Isaiah Howard
Herbalife Independent Distributor

“I thought that Willow’s workshop was very inspirational and positive. I learned that you can do anything if you have no doubt in yourself and have a daily plan to follow. This is very important to anyone that wants to create a business or reach any goal. It is very liberating. I have definitely used some of the tools that Willow mentioned and used in the workshop. I thank the universe every morning for a wonderful day and to please send me the people who want to make a change in their life.

What I really liked about the workshop was when Willow had us identify how other people would view us or what skills we can offer. It really got me thinking about who I am and what I can offer. These are essential concepts to understand if you want to be successful in any business. Willow’s teaching style is very simple and to the point. She makes it easy to relate to and to understand the true value of doing these exercises.
I highly recommend this workshop to anyone would like to make more money and expand their thinking and knowledge about the world.”


Emma F.
Herbalife Independent Distributor