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Today is the first day

QuillPenWithHand230x345I spent time today with a friend of mine – her name is Natalie and she is among many, many things… a writer. I told her that I had been wanting to start writing and was lost in where to begin.

She told me that blogging would be a great place to start. I mentioned to her that I was prolific when it came to creating blogs, and lousy when it came to writing in them. When I listed a number of titles to those obscure blogs, she chose “A Different Monday.”

I have always loved “A Different Monday.” I think the world needs a different Monday. We need a place where every day feels like Friday and you love getting up in the morning because it’s Friday. We need a change in attitude, a breath of fresh air, a new look on things – even if it means simply wearing a different pair of glasses!

Today is the day I begin my “Friday.” I choose to write today because it makes me feels good – it gives me an outlet for my thoughts and meanderings, and it’s a place to share.

Mom always said it was better to share – and I agreeĀ  with Mom. So here’s to sharing – and caring, and to A Different Monday!

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