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Why A Different Monday?

Why Would Anyone Need a Different Monday?

 “Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day…” Mamas and the Papas

I Hate Mondays!As long as I can remember, Mondays were the dreaded day of the week. The moans and groans could be heard everywhere as people started getting ready on Sunday to go back to work on Monday. The weekend was soon to be over and the work week would begin.

An article in the Wall Street Journal stated that Americans now begin their Mondays on Sunday –getting ready for work – reading work e-mails & texts, preparing meals, laundry, etc. Our weekends now only last a day and a half. As anxiety builds on Sundays, people begin to experience the “Sunday-night slump.”

Statistics show that over 50% of employees are late on Mondays and that more heart attacks happen on Monday than any other day of the week. Sounds like a good reason to stay in bed and skip Monday all together. Wednesday is “Hump Day” – halfway through the week and half way to that glorious day – Friday!

Almost everyone looks forward to Friday. If you have a Facebook account every Friday you will see numerous comments about how everyone is so glad it’s Friday. George Jones, a famous country singer sang, “It’s Finally Friday, I’m Free Again,” and pop singer Rebecca Black sings, “It’s Friday, Friday, everybody’s looking forward to the weekend.” The Carpenters sang, “Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.” No one seems to sing about being excited about Monday.

What If Monday Felt Like Friday?

Thank God It's Friday!What if every day felt like Friday? You know, to be excited about the day – to look forward to what might happen – to experience how great it is to be alive? What if you loved what you were doing and the life you were living so much that every day felt like Friday? Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone felt like that?

Some Habits Never Change

Years ago, when I worked for Apple Computer, our department hired Stephen Covey’s organization to deliver a customized, three-day program on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. There were approximately 30 of us in our department, about half from out of state. We stayed at a very nice hotel in downtown San Jose for the three-day workshop.

There were pre-assessments and assignments. We devoted ourselves to learning a different way of being, a different system of organizing our lives and managing our time. We were jazzed! We were excited!

At last someone had shown us the way to change our work habits, get organized, embrace our priorities and let go of the feeling of overwhelm and overwork! 30 people for three days – hotel, food, transportation and the training itself. I’ll bet the company spent well over $100,000 for those three days. We received the complete Day Planner system. We left the hotel Friday evening with our new plan and our new books, ready for Monday…

 And then Monday happened. Monday, with all of the emails, phone messages, meetings, and action items that didn’t get done while we were learning the new system guaranteed to transform our lives. How were we to manage? How were we to integrate? How were we to set priorities? Too many questions and too much to do. So, with great reluctance, most of us put our planning tools in our desk drawers and returned to the way we had been doing things before. Not looking at the best way, not looking to prioritize, not looking to put things in the quadrants that the training had suggested. Back to the old fire drill of prioritizing based on who yelled louder, or which thing was hotter, or who managed to catch you in the hall and remind you of a previous commitment.

Only about 10% of those who went to the training program with me implemented the changes in their lives and their work. Even I put my Planner away and didn’t get it out again until two years later when I was packing up my office to leave. It was only then that I had time to look at it and begin to implement some of the great suggestions I learned in those three days.

Lesson learned from this? No matter how much money and time you spend on creating a different way of doing things, some habits are nearly impossible to change – unless you change your Monday.

How Do You Create A Different Monday In Your Life?

So my search began to find the answer to the big question, “How do you create A Different Monday in your life? What can you do so that you wake up every morning feeling like it’s Friday? I discovered four simple steps to help create a permanent “Different Monday” in your life. Here they are:

SteWhat do you want?p One.  Ask yourself, “What do you want?”

Happiness? Money? More Time? Freedom? Less Stress? Love? A Partner? Better Health? Dig deep and keep asking until you’re clear. The answer to this question is where you will begin to put your attention and intention.


What stops you?Step Two.  Ask yourself, “What stops me from having what I want?”

In my experience working with people as a coach and hypnotist, I’ve been able to identify nine areas that block people from moving forward in their lives and getting what they want. These blocks, like grains of sand in your shoes, will keep even the best hiker from reaching the top of the mountain. One of the biggies?  STRESS!



StToolsIconep Three.  Begin gathering and using tools that will help you in your process to let go of the blocks.

You’ll find so many tools, tips and ideas right here on this website.



StPut a Plan in Place.ep Four.  Put a personalized plan in place to continue moving in the direction of your dreams, your hopes and your desires.

Find the help that will keep you focused on your goal and provide you with the insights, support, and motivation that you need – when you need it.

Is it A Different Monday Yet?

If you’re not feeling like every day is Friday, then it may be time to do something different. Stop thinking that someday things will be different – they won’t; unless you change. Begin now to change your Monday. The reason I created A Different Monday Programs is for people who are ready to feel different about their lives and love every day as if it was Friday. With this program you will discover simple, supportive tools to walk you through the steps to a Different Monday in your life.

I hope that you will allow me the honor and privilege of being part of your journey and your A Different Monday.

 To You and Your Different Monday,

Willow Sibert


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